What Does Law Enforcement Think of DNAnet® as a Crime-Fighting Tool?

Law enforcement enthusiastically endorses DNAnet® and encourages everyone to use it to protect themselves, homes, families and property. In short, the authorities need your help to solve and prevent crimes.

In this short video, Chief Harry Earle of Gloucester Township in New Jersey explains how DNAnet® can help law enforcement solve crimes and recover property.

This breakthrough security technology is now available to protect homes and businesses in San Antonio and surrounding communities!

If the items were marked with DNAnet, officers would simply obtain a sample, send the sample to the DNA lab and then learn the identity of the owner. This would not only enable us to identify the owner, but also likely result in criminal charges for the suspect.Police Chief Harry Earle

We fully support the efforts of every U.S. law enforcement agency with free and ongoing training, property recovery kits, forensic DNA analysis and Expert Witness Reports.

As always, our commitment and mission is to use our resources, know-how and the latest in security technology and innovation to help make our communities and citizens safer and more secure.

Start Protecting Your Home and Property with the Power of DNA!

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You’ve worked hard for and invested a lot in your personal possessions. Your car, bicycle, artwork, jewelry, musical instruments, collections, tools and more.

And of course you want to protect your property against theft and loss.

163 Residential Burglaries Every Hour

There are over 8 million property crimes and more than 2 million burglaries every year in the United States. The average cost of a household burglary is $2,315. FBI Uniform Crime Reports


Beyond their dollar value, many of these items mean a lot to you personally. You’d be devastated if they were lost or stolen and you were never able to recover them.

You simply can never replace the sentimental value of your most cherished possessions.

When I discovered what happened, I was horrified. Before that, burglaries were just statistics I heard on TV. I never dreamed it could happen to me.Carol Willis, Orange County, California

Personal, nostalgic items, whether they are valuable or not, are irreplaceable. Their sentimental value is immeasurable, and you will probably always be sad about losing them.Los Angeles Times: Burglary Can Leave Emotional Scars

Unfortunately, if your property is stolen in a burglary it is highly unlikely that the police will be able to recover it for you. According to the FBI, 87 percent of burglaries are never solved. And even if the perpetrator is identified, that does not mean that the stolen property can be identified and returned to its owner.

Law enforcement professionals explain that the clearance rate for residential burglary is so low due to these interrelated factors:

  • Difficulty in making a fast and accurate identification of the burglar.

  • Difficulty in obtaining sufficient evidence to warrant an arrest and/or prosecution.

  • The need to focus limited law enforcement resources on those cases that have a high probability of being solved and successfully prosecuted.

  • burglaries-not-solved

    So what can you do to help law enforcement make an identification, obtain evidence and recover your property? And at the same time keep criminals from even thinking about victimizing you, your home and your family in the first place?

    Enter DNAnet®… an exciting scientific breakthrough in crime deterrence and asset recovery that is being hailed and promoted by law enforcement agencies across the country.


    DNAnet® is based on the proven science of DNA and quickly, easily and effectively protects your assets and enhances your security.

    The DNAnet® initiative will serve as a tremendous deterrent to those who commit theft and burglary not only in Gloucester Township, but also across the entire county and local area. Additionally, the value of marking property will greatly assist officers when they recover property they believe to be stolen.Gloucester Township, NJ Police Department Website


    Watch this short video to learn more about how DNAnet® Asset Protection can help you stop burglars in their tracks and greatly increase the chances that you will recover your property if it is stolen or lost.

    Help Law Enforcement Help You with DNAnet®!

    Burglars will know to leave you and your home, family and property alone.
    The risk is simply too great.


    Start Protecting Your Home and Property with the Power of DNA!

    Click here to order your DNAnet® Property Protection Kit for only $69.95!

    Start Protecting Your Home and Property with the Power of DNA!

    Click here to order your DNAnet® Property Protection Kit for only $69.95!

    Your DNAnet Asset Protection Kit includes:

    • Application Vial of DNAnet® fluid (protects between 100 and 150 assets)
    • UV Light for Mark Verification
    • “DNA Protected” Window Warning Decals
    • “DNA Protected” Vehicle Warning Decals
    • Lifetime Database Registration
    • Lifetime Asset Recovery Forensic DNA Analysis
    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    • police chief em setting
      We’re taking the next step in crime-fighting science. Now the average person is going to be able to mark their property with DNAnet® – anything as small as a ring, as big as a car, and anything in between and we’re going to be able to walk into a pawn shop, identify the property, take it back and return it to its rightful owner.Police Chief Col. E. M. Setting, New Castle County, DE

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