Is a home security system worth the investment?

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Key Witness Security window sticker

Key Witness Security window sticker

The answer to this question is not straightforward, but hopefully after reading this blog, you can determine for yourself what the true value of a home security system is.

First of all, I would like to start by listing some of the perceived drawbacks of a home security system that might cause folks to reconsider this type of investment.

  1. They just cause False Alarms. It’s true! False Alarms are an ongoing problem with home security systems. This is one of my biggest criticisms with traditional alarm systems. Please read my blog from August 15, 2014 (Stop the Ongoing Problem of False Alarms with Home Security Systems) to see the Key Witness Security solution to False Alarms.
  2. They don’t work when you really need them to. There are various reasons why this happens. Forgetting to Arm the system, Power Outages that cause a backup battery to drain, or Sabotaged Communication Lines can all leave a security system inoperable. This is perhaps the most disappointing drawback of all. You invest a significant amount of money in a home security system just to not have it work during crunch time.  To combat these drawbacks, Key Witness Security offers several ways to arm and disarm your security system including a smart phone app that can be used remotely in case you forget after you have left your home.  Key Witness Security also offers a battery backup that lasts up to two months in case of a power outage and a cellular SIM card option that still communicates with the monitoring station, even when a saboteur cuts the copper lines coming into your home.
  3. The police take too long to show up. Law Enforcement is doing the best that they can with the resources that they have, but the reality is with False Alarm Rates up above 90% (and that is being conservative; it’s probably closer to 98%), police simply cannot give top priority to these calls.  But how would you like to have Law Enforcement to your home before the burglars leave? With a Key Witness Security system, officers typically arrive to your home in less than 5 minutes. The reason for this is because the central station does not say, “We have an alarm at (home address).”  No!  With a Key Witness Security system, the central station notifies Law Enforcement with the following statement— “We have a crime in progress at (home address)!”

I would be remiss if I did not state the benefits of having a security system in your home.

  • First, security systems are a huge deterrent for potential burglars. When a burglar is looking for targets, he will typically pass up a home that has a security sign in the yard or window. There is simply too much risk associated with breaking into a home that has a security system installed.
  • Next, most security systems have a loud audible siren that kicks in instantly (or in 15-seconds for delayed zones) after a break-in is detected. This loud siren is enough to send any intruder fleeing immediately.
  • Lastly, should a burglar be daring enough to want to take the risk of breaking into a home with a security system and disable the system, that person should get caught by Law Enforcement! Plain and simple– Home security systems with Video Verification get arrests.

So in determining whether or not there is value in a home security system, consider each of the points listed above and decide for yourself. But when you do, make sure that you invest in a security system that has video verification. Remember, security systems with video verification get arrests!

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