We’re sick and tired of the bad guys having the upper hand. How about you?


Criminals are increasingly brazen and violent.

They won’t hesitate to threaten and attack you, your employees or customers to get what they’re after.

They smash in your doors and windows, use vehicles as battering rams, ignite explosives and even drop through your ceiling to gain entry.

And far too often these days their sole purpose is to terrorize and kill innocent people.

As great a job as our law enforcement professionals do to protect us, they simply can’t be there at the moment a crime is committed. In fact, on average it takes 7 minutes for help to arrive. And that’s when bad things happen.

But what if, in addition to contacting the authorities, sounding an alarm and recording the event (all important lines of defense), your security system could powerfully counterattack and fight back to protect you, your employees, customers and property?

What if it immediately put the bad guys on the defensive and sent them running out the door in fear and panic, never to return?

And what if it also physically marked them with reliable forensic evidence for quick identification, arrest and conviction?

Sound too good to be true? Read on…

Now It Can With…

We immediately installed SmokeCloak as soon as it became available, which was extremely efficient using our own alarm installers. The following Christmas a gang that had robbed us before attempted to rob us again. They came in with guns drawn, we activated SmokeCloak and they were driven from the shop within 14 seconds of entrance. They had no idea what was happening and they ran, taking nothing with them. A fantastic success for SmokeCloak.Jeremy France, Owner, Jeremy France Jewellers


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Award Winner for Security Innovation.

Install SmokeCloak® DNA on the premises and within seconds of a break-in, robbery or attack the protected area is filled with an impenetrable cloud of fog that immediately disorients and “blinds” criminals and puts them on the run.

It also provides a very effective cover in which to hide.

The SmokeCloak® DNA fog barrier forces intruders to flee the premises in those critical minutes before authorities arrive (7 minutes, on average, and much longer in many cases), saving lives and property.

It is a critical and important proactive line of defense that’s there for you when you need it most.

In 74.6% of cases it takes more than six minutes for police to arrive at the scene of a robbery. In 48.7% of cases it takes 11 minutes or more.Bureau of Justice Statistics

Seeing is believing. Watch these short videos to see just how powerful SmokeCloak® DNA really is at stopping criminals in their tracks and putting them on the run.

We had an incident only a few months after installing SmokeCloak which would have resulted in some very serious injuries to my staff and much of our stock would have been stolen had it not been for the excellent effectiveness of the system. I now feel very re-assured being in our shop with the SmokeCloak system in place as I know that not only is it a great deterrent, it also serves its purpose effectively.Sanjay Pattni, Owner, Joule Jewellers, London



The fear of being robbed is always on the minds of those who work in particularly vulnerable and often targeted locations such as convenience stores, banks, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, jewelry stores and gas stations.

New research shows that many crime victims are at risk for the development of major mental disorders. Scientists now see the problem as a ”silent epidemic,” far vaster than mental health and law-enforcement officials realized.The New York Times

Give yourself and your staff the security and peace-of-mind you deserve with SmokeCloak® DNA!

Fight Back Against Robbers, Burglars and Other Intruders

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Unfortunately, in spite of the wonderful work done by our law enforcement agencies on a daily basis, less than three out of every ten robberies are ever solved. This is primarily due to difficulties in identification and obtaining sufficient evidence.

But SmokeCloak® DNA has the answer.

Although arrest is the primary risk to a robber, most do not believe they will be caught. Robberies that are not solved quickly are less likely to be solved at all.Center for Problem Oriented Policing

As effective as SmokeCloak® DNA is at stopping intruders dead in their tracks and fleeing in fear, it gets even better. This is where the “DNA” comes into play.

When intruders are hit by SmokeCloak® DNA it tags them with a proprietary and patented form of DNA. The same type of DNA utilized by the Department of Defense to protect critical assets.

This mark provides the police with the clear identification they need to make a quick arrest and the evidence needed to recover stolen property and get a conviction.

SigNature® DNA has a 100% conviction success rate in over 100 cases.

The SmokeCloak performed flawlessly and prevented the thieves from getting any inventory. We have been broken into three times since and each time the SmokeCloak went off as planned and drove the burglars out with little or no product loss. Ernesto Garza-Gongora, Stone Oak Pharmacy, San Antonio, TX


Robbers and other criminals soon learn to leave you, your employees and your business alone.
The risk from SmokeCloak® DNA is simply too great.

Fight Back Against Robbers, Burglars and Other Intruders

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