Priority Response leads to quicker police dispatch, more arrests and more apprehensions.

A quicker response is the better response, especially when it comes to intruders. Priority Response is a process adopted by law enforcement and dispatch teams. It means that video-verified alarms are seen as crimes in progress, and police are immediately sent to the scene.

Not only does it reinforce the value of video alarm systems, but it also benefits the entire community with:

  • Better protection for customers.
  • Better information for law officers responding to potentially dangerous situations.
  • Fewer losses and reduced payouts for insurers.
  • And… more arrests, more consistently.

The impact is undeniable.

  • Priority Response in Phoenix = 40 arrests in 4 months
  • Priority Response in Detroit = 101 dispatches, 70 arrests, 123 people apprehended
  • Priority Response in Seattle = 11 dispatches, 11 arrests
  • Priority Response in Fort Worth = 1 night, 2 alarms, 4 arrests, in 8 hours

What could an intruder steal or destroy in 15 minutes?

See the response differential between traditional alarms and our video alarms. Imagine the additional losses and damage that would be incurred under non-priority/traditional response.


Can you really afford to wait for Priority Response?

In an emergency every minute counts. Contact us today for more information on installing a video-verified alarm system, or upgrading your existing system for priority response.